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Whom to contact

If you would like more information about the BRIDGE study, please contact:

Patty Darragh, Lead CRA
(919) 668-8200

Why are we doing the BRIDGE Study?

There have been many studies looking at bridging, but none that compare 'bridging' to 'no bridging.' Previous studies have told us 'how to bridge' but not 'should we bridge?' The BRIDGE study aims to provide definitive evidence about the pros and cons of bridging and will establish a standard-of-care.

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What are the study objectives?

  1. To compare the efficacy of bridging anticoagulation (therapeutic-dose LMWH) with no bridging anticoagulation (placebo) on the rate of arterial thromboembolic events (ATE)
  2. To compare the safety of bridging anticoagulation with no bridging anticoagulation on the rate of major bleeding

              Study Overview (PDF)

How to Participate

The Duke Clinical Research Institute is currently recruiting sites with access to perioperative and coumadin clinics that can enroll two patients per month.

We would like to invite your site to participate in the BRIDGE study.
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